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Adult Literacy

Imagine not being able to:

  • Read for pleasure
  • Read road signs while you drive
  • Read a recipe while you cook
  • Read your mail when you get home
  • Read to a child at bedtime
  • Help a child with homework after school
  • Write a grocery list before you shop
  • Read and pay a bill independently

Approximately 6000 adults living in the city of Glendora do not have the literacy skills required to independently manage daily activities at home and work. They are unable to achieve personal, educational, and professional goals.

It is highly likely that you know one of these adults with or without being aware of it. Adults with low literacy skills can be strategic at keeping this information hidden because it can be embarrassing, even shameful, to them. Many learn to compensate by listening effectively, observing carefully, memorizing efficiently, and devising ways to quietly depend upon others.

If you know someone who could benefit from the Glendora READS! program, please call the Literacy Coordinator, Mary Pat Dodson at 626-852-4897.